To streamline the delivery of services through single window in true letter and spirit in the district and with the objective of changing mind set of the Govt. officers/officials, a separate 'state of the art' SUWIDHA Centre was constructed at the district headquarters in a record time of four months. SUWIDHA Centre is a two-storeyed building incorporating all the facilities including centrally air-conditioned, central air-conditioning, computers on all the 33 windows, providing all services right from 

providing stamp papers to preparation of passports. The major services include attestation of affidavit on the spot, delivery of birth and death certificates, passport applications, registration of marriages, countersignatures of documents,   arms licenses, renewal of licenses, driving licenses, registration of vehicles, collection of electricity bills, delivery of copy of revenue record and court orders in a time bound manner. On an average 1000 people visit the SUWIDHA Centre on any working day. Software's have been provided for all services so as to facilitate the perfect monitoring of applications in a time bound manner.

           It has been a major concern of the public in general that they had to pay huge bribe for issuance of marriage ability certificates, issuance of bus passes to senior citizens, old age pensions, getting their work done particularly for registration of sale deeds of immoveable property, entering and attestation of mutations, procruing of copy of revenue record and demarcation of land etc. Though, we have a shortage of almost 40% the staff at the grass root level i.e. village patwari but with small intervention, we have been able to fulfill not only the staff requirement but have also been able to reduce the delays to a substantial

 extent. The service namely "Patwari at your Call" has been introduced in the district Nawanshahr since 01-08-2005. Under this service, a toll free number 655501 has been provided. Software has also been prepared incorporating mobile telephone numbers of the patwaris etc. An applicant desiring to have a copy of revenue record or to redress his grievances can very well dial at this number even at odd hours at midnight or as early as 3 AM in the morning. Once an applicant submits the details on toll free telephone number, a call is made immediately to the village patwari to provide copy of such records

 to the SUWIDHA Centre. SUWIDHA Centre with the help of courier service further passes all such documents at the residence of the applicant within a period of 48 hours from the time of first call made by the applicant. This telephone number is not only available to the residents of the Nawanshahr but people residing abroad have also been making user of this facility. It is a well known fact that many residents of the area have settled abroad and were not able to get their work done due to non accessibility to the Govt. Officers, are now very much in a position to record their grievances on this telephone number. The service of "Patwari at your call" has not only given relief to the public who generally had been complaining of the non availability of the patwaris in their office but has also reduced public interface with the Govt. officers completely.

 So far as allegations of corruption during registration of documents are concerned, again, a software has been developed to register these documents through computers. All telephone numbers of both vendor and vendee are collected and same are sent to D.C. by all the Sub Registrars the same day. D.C. invariably rings to some the vendors and vendees and inquire as to whether some body has asked for illegal gratification or not. This not only makes the D.C. and other senior officers accessible to the public in

general but at the same time puts deterrence on officers/officials to restrain from accepting/asking for bribe money. In case still some instance of corruption comes to our notice, disciplinary action is initiated against such officials/officers. Moreover, close circuit T.V. camera have been installed in such offices and the same are being monitored in the D.C. office by D.C. himself.

       Another grey area where public in general used to face great difficulties was regarding entering and attestation of mutation of immoveable property. To streamline it, software has been developed through which relevant details of the registered sale deeds are captured at the time of registration of deeds only. Such sale deeds are entered within a period of 14 days necessarily by the village patwari. In case some mutations are not entered in respect of some sale deeds, computer generates a list of such documents immediately. The concerned Patwari is communicated through a telephone call as to why he has not been able enter the mutation. Similarly, once the patwari enters the mutation, the same is supposed to be decided by the Revenue Officers within a period of one month. Again, a list is generated by the computer if revenue officer does not decide a mutation within a prescribed period. Complete net working of the Govt. offices particularyly office of D.C. Office, Tehsildar, SDM Office has enabled us to monitor the delays, if any.

      In addition to above said services, a list of other services being provided at SUWIDHA Centre. We have been able to entertain 2.5 lac applications since the establishment of the SUWIDHA Centre.