Fairs & Festivals

The open nature and humour of the people of Doaba has resulted from the various fairs, held in district Nawanshahr. The love and brotherhood among people, rich social heritage, cultural give and take, the unity among various communities has also resulted from the religious and cultural fairs and festivals.

A fair is held in village Khatkar Kalan every year, known as the fair of "JHANDA JI". This fair is held in the meory of Baba Jawahar Singh. According to Sardar Ajit Singh the national flag of Sikhs was unfurled by their family on this place every year from the time of sikh rule. People of all religions come here.

In village Nurpur a fair is held every year in the month of June in the memory of Baba Godria. In 1762 Suba Shamas Khan abducted a girl. Baba Godria and his companions freed that girl and got martyrdom.

In Majara-Nau-Abad, there lived a faqir known as Shri Nabh Kanwal Raja Sahib. In his memory a beautiful Gurudwara known as "RASOKHANA" has been built. The village is also named after him as "MAJARA RAJA SAHIB". A big fair is held here in August every year. The fair is held for three days. Even the top artists and singers come here.

There lived a faqir named "SAI ABDULLA SHAH KADRI" in village Mandali. In his memory a fair is held here every year which goes for four days. People belonging to all religions come here. The main attraction of this fair these days is the famous singer Gurdaas Maan. Sai Abdulla Shah had two disciples, one was Ali Ahmed and the other one Gulami Shah. Gulami Shah went to Banga. A fair is also held there. Gurdaas Maan also comes here during fair.

A famous fair known as "CHAUNKIAN DA MELA" is also held in Mukandpur. A faqir named "SAKHI SARVAR LAKH DATA" came to Balachaur. He started his journey from Rattewal and reached Mukandpur. He stayed here for nine days. Since then this fair is held here and goes for nine days. A "SAANG" starts from Rattewal and reaches Mukandpur. The leader of the "SAANG" hold a flag which is called "TOGH".

A fair is held in village "HERIAN". This fair is held during the days of "NAVRATRE". The race of bullock carts is a special attraction of the fair.

Near Jagatpur Village there is a "DERA" called "PREMPUR DERA" where a fair is held in the month of "KATTAK". Sant Samagam is also held here. So many Saints come here not only from Punjab but also from Haridwar.

In village Hakimpur also a fair is held in Gurudwara Nanaksar. The races of bullock carts is the special attraction of the fair.

There is a Gurudwara Charan Kanwal in Banga. The birthday of Guru Har Gobind Singh is celebarated and a fair is held every year.

In village Dosanjh Khurd, a fair is held in the memory of Shri Guru Har Rai Ji. "Kirtani Jatthe" from all over the Punjab come here to sing "Shabad" in this fair.

A two days fair is held in Paddi Mathwali. Where there is a SHIV MANDIR. Swami Shankranand Parbat and Miss Jatinder look after this temple and a fair is held in their supervision on the eve of SHIVRATRI. Saints from all over INDIA come here and give their spiritual discourse.

In Balachaur also a fair is held known as Sadhu Singh Hamdard Yadgari Mela. The fair is organized by Punjabi Sahit Sabha. The best journalist award is given in the form of 5100/- Rs., in the fair. Dr. HAMDARD YADGARI "NATAK MELA" is also organized. So many contests are held and prizes of 2100/- Rs. Are given.

Writer's association Jagatpur organizes a cultural failr in which three unrecognized writers are awarded 2100/-Rs. Each. The Chairman of this association is Mohinder Singh Dosanjh and its General Secretary Mohan Dosanjh. The total amount of the prizes is given by Prof. Joginder Singh Rana.

A cultural fair is also organized by "JAGRITI KALA KENDRA" Aur. All the famous artists are invited.

On 5th December every year in village Nurpur, a fair is held in the memory of Sardar Mohammad. Top artists think it their good luck if they are able to participate in the fair. No artist receives any fees. Sardar Mohammad had a unique place as a "TABLA VADAK".

In the native village of SARDAR BHAGAT SINGH, Khatkar Kalan, a big fair is held on 23th March. This fair is famous due to its different look. All the political parties set their stages and remember the contribution of SARDAR BHAGAT SINGH. They also try to convince the people in favour of their party.