Success Stories

The King of Music

Master Madan

A great master of music , who Shook the whole music world and where talent voice and qualities proved to be his enemy , Master Madan was born in village Khan- Khana of district Nawanshahr.

Master Madan was born in December 1927 in the house of Amar Singh and Puran Devi. The love of elder brother Mohan, and the liking of music of his father made him matured in this field .Master Madan- Mohan got the same popularity as was enjoyed by Laxmikant Pyrelal, in the music world.

When he was a young boy he started singing in the court of kings. At the age of Eight he was called " Sangeet Samrat " .He had such a Goldon Raag Bhairavi,Baagesh Wari, Jonpuri that even nature used to get thrilled. He sang Ghazals also. Eight songs were recorded in his voice of which two were ghazals. The valuable Gem of Nawanshahr was living in Shimla those days when he become a victimof a conspiracy . It is said that after his last stage show in Calcutta, one of his rivals in music gave him mercury in milk.

There is a need of high level probe in this case. On 5th June 1942 the combination of music and voice, the sun of the sky of music the beloved of saraswati said good- bye to the world forever.