Suwidha Centre Services


Service Name

Sub Case



Registration of Marriage


Application Form, DOB, Ration Card / Fard / Voter Id Card, Sarpanch / Namberdar (Bridge & Groom), Marriage Card, Marriage Photo, Photo Copy of the above Document with originals


Identity Card


Application Form, One photograph, Application Verified from the Department where he works.


Ration Card

New Ration Card

Two D-1 Form from Ration Depot, Affidavit, 3 Family Photograph, Neighbour's Ration Card Copy Attested

Change of Name

Application Form, News Paper Cutting, Affidavit, Ration Card Original, D1 form from Depot.

Change of Address

Application Form, Ration Card original, D1 Form Depot, Affidavit, Neighbor Ration Card Copy

Adding Name

Application Form, Deletion Certificate/ Birth Certificate / Passport , Affidavit


NOC for Building Plan


Form A, Registry Copy, Ministry Form, Blue Prints Copy


Marriage-ability Certificate


Application Form, Affidavit from Parents (Joint) Affidavit from Sarpanch/ Lamberdar /MC., Ration Card Copy from applicant.,  Birth Certificate/ Passport Copy Attested


Counter Sign


Simple Application with the Original Document which has to be Counter Signed




Simple Application form, Demand Draft, Date of Birth Proof, Ration Card,


Caste Certificate


Application, Ration Card Copy, Affidavit, Book page issue to Sarpanch


Demarcation of Land / Evaluation of Land


Original Fard, Simple Application


Arms Licence

New Licence

Application, Ration Card/Voter Id Card Attested, Challan Form



Entry of Weapon

Original Bill of Weapon, Application Form, Original Licence of Weapon, Weapon



Renewal of Licence

Application, Weapon, Challan form, , Original Licence of Weapon



Duplicate Licence

Licence Lost (FIR, Application, Challan Form)
Licence Damaged (Licence Original, Application, Challan Form)



NOC for Import of Weapon

Licence Photo Copy Attested, Application



NOC for Sale of Weapon

Application, Licence Photo Copy Attested



NOC for Sale/Transfer Death Case

Original Licence of Dead Person, Affidavits from all Legal Heirs of dead person, Attested Photo Copy receipt of that place where weapon is deposited, Death Certificate, Attested Photocopy of Applicant's Licence (If he don't have licence then Sale Order can be pass)



Extension of Purchase Period

Application, License Photocopy attested



Addition of Weapon

Affidavit, Application, Original Licence



Extension of Jurisdiction

Application, Reason, Including the proper proof of Bills, Property papers or Business bases bills.



Retainer Entry

Date of Birth Proof Attested Copy Required, Ration Card Photo Copy Attested, Licence of Bank


Permission for Loud Speaker


Simple Application Form


Non Encumbrance Certificate


Application, Fard, Affidavit


Shagun Scheme


Application, Affidavit (Father/Mother), Attested Ration Card Photo Copy, DOB Proof, SC Certificate Photo Copy Attested, Marriage Card



Old Age Pension

Form, Affidavit, Ration Card Attested Copy, Pension form attested from Doctor



Widow Pension

Death Certificate Photo Copy, Ration Card Photo Copy, Affidavit, Form



Disable Pension

Form, Affidavit, Ration Card Photo Copy, Handicapped Certificate Photo copy Attested


Attestation of Affidavit


Identity Proof (Ration Card/Voter ID Card/ Driving Licence/ Evidence from Sarpanch/ Namberdar/MC)


Attestation of Document


Original Documents


Form Filling






Simple Question Form with Court Fee


Dependent Certificate


Application, death Certificate, Affidavit, Ration card Copy


Buss Pass


Attested Copy of disability certificate, three snaps


Permission for fairs


Simple Application (4 Copy)


NOC for Petrol Pump


Map, Company letter, Fard, Akshijra, copy of registry, Copy of LOI


New Supply of Water Connection


Application form, Sarpanch certified form, affidavit, Map


Agriculture Accident

In case of death

Application, attested copy of death certificate, attested copy of ration card, affidavit



Other case

Ration card Copy, Affidavit


Driving Licence

Learning Licence

Application Form, Dob Proof, Residence Proof, 2 Photos



New Driving Licence

Application Form, Learning Licence, 2 Photos



Renewal Licence

Application Form with Old Driving Licence, 2 Photos


Registration of Vehicles

New RC

Form20, Form 21 (Sale Certificate), Form 22, Temp. No, Invoice (Bill), Residence Proof (Attested Copy), Insurance (Attested Copy), Affidavit (Magistrate Attested), Challan Paid (Road Tax), Form 60 or PAN Card (Attested Copy) for Vehicles costing more than Rs. 50,000/-, Form 61 for Tractor, Fard



Duplicate RC

Form 26, FIR (For Lost RC), Insurance (Attested Copy), Affidavit (Magistrate Attested), Fee Rs. 100



For Transfer (PB32 only)

Form 29&30, Insurance (Attested Copy), Residence Proof of Purchaser (attested Copy), Affidavit by purchaser, affidavit by Seller, Fee Rs. 30 for 2 wheeler, 100 for autos


Electricity Bill


Electricity Bill


Birth & Death Certificate

Birth & Death Certificate

Simple Application Form



Correction in Certificate

Application Form, affidavit (sarpanch/Namberdar & applicant), ration card, voter card, bank copy, birth certificate of other child if any, birth certificate of mother /father, passport



Adding name

Application, affidavit


Late Entry

Birth Cerificate

Application Form, affidavit (sarpanch/Namberdar & applicant), Ration Card, 3 Yr Not Found (Both Side Nanke and Dadke), DOB Proof of all Brother and Sisters.


RTI Application


Simple Application & Rs 10 (Postal Order or Challan in the favour of concerned department)