A Historical Village


Khatkar Kalan : A Historical Village (Shaheed-E-Azam S. Bhagat Singh)

KHATKAR KALAN is a historical village which has got the honour of being the village of the famous patriots and freedom fighters like Sardar Kishan Singh, Sardar Ajit Singh, Sardar Swaran Singh, Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh. In this article the memories of Sardar Ajit Singh, when he came home after imprisonment of 40 years, are reproduced here as he expressed them in his writing.

“My Village Khatkar Kalan comes under station Banga. This village is well known because of its special features.

“This place was known as a fortress. It was related with a feudal chief. There were other fortresses attached to it but they were small as compared to it. That’s why they were known as Garh Khurd. My birth place was known as Garh Kalan.”

“One of my forefathers started from his village “Narli” in Lahore District during Mughal period to go to “Haridwar”. His purpose to go there because he was to throw the ashes of someone from his family member in river “Ganga”. The journey was long. In his way he took shelter in a fortress. The owner of the fortress was a kind hearted person. He welcomed that stranger. He was a young person. He also invited him to have meals with him and his family. The owner had a wife and a beautiful daughter. When they were eating food the young man and the daughter of the owner of the fortress got attracted towards each other. The girl expressed her desire to marry the man. Her parent had also selected the person as their would be Son-In-Law. Next morning when the young man was about to go the owner asked him if he was married. The young man said to him “Not yet.”. At this the owner of the fortress invited him to be his guest for the second time. He bade Good Bye to them and started his journey again.

After throwing the ashes in Ganga the young man came back to that fortress so that he could marry the girl. The fortress was already decorated by the owner of it and they were waiting for the young man to come. They wanted to give the fortress as a marriage gift to their Son-In-Law. The young man and the daughter of the owner of the fortress got married and the fortress was given to them. After their marriage this place was called Khatkar Kalan. The owner and his wife started living in that fortress as the guest of their Son-In-law.

Thus from their couple started one family. Time changed and the walls for the fortress fell down. During rainy season the deep dug places around the fortress changed into pools. Today people have great benefits of these pools and they use these pools for bathing and other places.”

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  • Bhagat Singh Old Museum KhatkarKalan
  • Shaheed-e-Aazam S. Bhagat Singh New Museum
  • Shaheed-e-Aazam S. Bhagat Singh Home

How to Reach:

By Air

S. Bhagat Singh Khatkar Kalan Old Museum is situated at Khatkar Kalan. Nearest Airport is Adampur Airport, Jalandhar approximately at a distance of 46 KMs.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is at Khatkar Kalan which is approximately 1 KM away.

By Road

S. Bhagat Singh Khatkar Kalan Old Museum is situated at a distance of approximately 4 KMs from Banga and 12 KMs from district Hqrs, SBS Nagar.